There are numerous types of socks out there. People usually don’t pay attention to the socks they wear; they think of socks as an afterthought. However, socks play a very crucial role in a person’s appearance. If you pick the right kind of socks, your style will shine, and you will look fashionable. When choosing the type of socks you want to purchase, you must consider the material used, color, quality, and length. A good pair of socks should coordinate with your daily outfit. Also, your socks must be comfortable to wear and fit appropriately. If not, your feet may get blisters. Below are the different types of socks you can opt for according to their function, occasion, and length.

According to function

Compression socks

Compression socks, just like their name sounds, compress the legs and provide support to increase a person’s blood circulation to aids in relieving pain, stress, and fatigue. Compression socks come in different types, including thermal compression socks, fasciitis compression socks, calf support compression socks, no-show compression socks.

Funny socks

Funny socks provide other people an opportunity to laugh out loud due to their inscription of funny messages. These types of socks give a tint of fun to a person’s dressing, and they can evoke a feeling of happiness to those around the wearer.

Diabetic socks

Diabetic patients wear diabetic socks to offer support and protection from any cuts or bruises. The socks also ensure the blisters do not form when other kinds of socks rub against the patients’ skin. The socks are very soft to the skin and comfortable

Boot socks

These are socks made of thick and sturdy fabric and are meant to be worn with boots. The socks are long and are visible above the top edges of the boots.

Slipper socks

Slipper socks are worn indoors when one is not wearing any shoes. They have small plastic dots on the heels to prevent the wearer from skidding.

Loafer socks

These are short socks usually worn with loafer shoes. Loafer socks are not visible when one is wearing shoes.

Leg warmers

Leg warmers do not have feet and start from the ankles all the way up to the knees. These types of socks are usually worn during the cold seasons to provide warmth.

According to occasion

Low cut socks

Low-cut socks are usually worn with sports shoes and are relatively short, fitting slightly above the shoes’ edge.

Winter socks

Winter socks provide warmth during winter. They are made from thick fibers and may contain extra padding for added warmth. Although thick, the fibers are breathable and absorbent.

Yoga socks

People wear yoga socks during yoga as they have small plastic dots that prevent skidding during yoga sessions. Yoga socks are quite comfortable, giving the feet sufficient balance and stability when doing any kind of move.

Office socks

Office socks are worn to the office and are meant for work. They are durable and long, providing sufficient grip and support while working.

Casual socks

These are socks that people wear on casual occasions. The socks are comfortable and are very appealing to the eye. Casual socks usually reach the calves, and they may contain some fun prints and patterns.

Dress socks

Dress socks are worn on formal occasions and with formal clothes. They are usually light in weight and comfortable to be worn with official shoes. The colors of most formal socks are relatively neutral, and they do not have any fun prints or patterns. If you are an office guy, you probably have a dozen dress socks that go well with your suits.

According to length

Ankle socks

Ankle socks reach the ankles of the wearer and are generally longer than loafer socks. Most people love wearing ankle socks with sports shoes, canvas, and sneakers.

Quarter length socks

These socks are a bit longer than ankle socks (5-6 inches in size). The socks are suitable for both men and women and can be won during winter and summer. The only difference is the amount of insulation they have. These socks are usually made of cotton, and those intended to be worn during winter are thick and lined with fur. They’re suitable to be worn with ankle boots or runners.

Crew length socks

These socks are slightly longer than quarter lengths by an inch or two. Crew lengths are very common, and men wear them to college, casual work, or parties. You can choose various themes with crew lengths, for instance, animal themes, Christmas themes, or any festival you would like to attend. The socks are unisex and come in all sorts of material, including silk and wool. Crew lengths can be worn with ankle boots or sport shoes. You can choose what looks good on you and rock it with these beautiful types of socks.

Calf length socks

Just like the name suggests, calf lengths cover up the calves. This type of socks is common with footballers or school girls who wear short skirts and shorts. Men who wear calf socks as they play go for a thick material to protect them when playing, while women who wear them as a fashion statement prefer a thin material. During winter, women can also wear thick ones with long boots.

Knee-length socks

These socks go all the way up to the top of the knees. The socks are fashionable and very warm. To make a fashion statement, women expose them, unlike other socks that hide beneath the shoes. Women love this type of socks as they can wear them with mini skirts and knee-length dresses. They are cute and stylish and are an excellent way of keeping warm during the cold seasons. Knee-length socks can be worn with long boots during cold seasons or with sandals during hot seasons.

Socks are not only warm to keep the feet warm. They are fashion accessories and are an excellent way of expressing your personality. Socks come in handy almost in every situation in your life. They are important necessities that most people cannot do without. And just like all other items in your wardrobe, socks have their use, importance, and functionality in your life.

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