Sock size vs Shoe size

Sock sizes and shoe sizes are two different things. Shoe size is based on foot length in inches, multiplied by three, minus 22 for men and minus 21 for women. Sock size is a lot less complicated because it’s only based on the foot length by inches. It’s straightforward, however, sock sizes are listed differently by each brand. Pick and choose the right and snug sock for you with these easy guidelines.

Finding the right size

Take a ruler and measure your foot’s longest size. Take note of your foot length size by inches and centimeters. In the US and Canada, sock sizes are displayed in inches. In UK and Australia, sock sizes are in centimeters. Read on if you’re looking at a sock brand that doesn’t use an inches or centimeter sizing method.


This is the smallest size for adult socks, anything smaller will be kids’ socks. This also fits children’s feet 10 years old and above. If you’ve measured your foot, the small sock size fits 9-11 inches feet.  If you haven’t, then check your shoe size instead. Small sock size fits those who wear women’s shoes with UK size 2-5 and EU size 35-38.


Medium size socks fit 10-13 inches feet. Converting that to shoe size, the medium size sock fits women’s shoes with UK size 5-5.8 and EU size 36-40. For men, it’s UK size 5-8 and EU size 38-42.


Large size fits most 14inches and above-sized feet. Choose the large sock size if you’re wearing women’s shoes with UK size 8.5-12 and EU size 41-44.  It also fits men with UK size 8.5-11.5 and EU size 42-45.

XL and XXL

Extra-large is the largest sock size most brands carry. Choose XL if you’re wearing men’s shoes with UK size 12-15 and EU size 45-58. If you need a much bigger size, some brands carry up to XXL sizes.

Children’s Socks

Kids’ socks are categorized by age rather than size, making them easier to shop for. Baby or newborn socks are for infants 1-year-old and below. Toddler socks are for ages 1-4. Boys’ and girls’ socks are for ages 5-10 and women who wear shoes up to UK size 3.  At 11 years old, most kids can wear already wear the small sock size for adults.

Comparison Chart

If your foot size is in the middle of two sock sizes, the larger size will offer more comfort.  Sock designs are unisex nowadays. You just need to make sure you’re picking the correct size according to your foot length or corresponding shoe size.

Here’s a chart to help you compare, recap, and remember. You can also check this sock size calculator to find the perfect sock size wherever you are in the world.

By SizeBy InchesUK Shoe SizeEU Shoe Size
Small9-11 inchesWomen 2-5Women EU 35-38
Medium10-13 inchesWomen 5-5.8 Men 5-8Women 36-40 Men 38-42
Large14inches +Women 8.5-12 Men 8.5-11.5Women 41-44 Men 42-45
XL Men 12-15Men 45-58
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