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How to Fold Your Socks

5 ways to fold your socks

Socks are a big part of our wardrobe, and as such can become out of control easily. If you’ve found yourself looking at a messy drawer filled with socks, or if you’re spending more time looking for a matching pair, you can follow this guide to help fix your sock drawer once and for all.

You’ll need a flat surface you can lay a pair of clean, matching socks on to be able to do these methods.

Single Fold

This is the simplest way of folding your socks, and it works for most types.

  1. Place one sock on top of the other.
  2. For low-cut ankle socks, you can put one sock inside the other pair.
  3. Fold them over in half.

Square Fold

The square fold has more steps involved but looks more satisfying in the drawer. This is the best for mid-length socks. The result should look like a square.

  1. With the heels up, put one sock across the other sock so that it looks like a cross.
  2. Fold the toe and put it under the heel at the part where both socks meet. Fold the cuff over.
  3. Now, take the toe of the other sock and fold it, and then followed by the cuff.
  4. Take the cuff of one sock and place it under, and then insert the cuff of the other sock inside the pocket.

Military Style

This method is helpful when traveling as it can save more space in your luggage, but can stretch out the cuff part a bit. Your socks should look like tight rolls after this.

  1. Lay one sock above the other, and make sure that both are neatly lined up – meaning, the sock’s cuff is on top of the other cuff.
  2. Start by rolling the toe until you reach the cuff.
  3. Tuck the cuff over and around the rest of the rolled socks.

The Roll

This is an easier way of storing socks that involve rolling them like sushi, and it also works for most types, including stockings, tights, and knee-high socks. Unlike Military Style, this method goes easy on the cuff part.

  1. Position a sock neatly on top of its mate. For stockings, fold them in half, length-wise.
  2. Start rolling until you reach the top.

The Konmari Fold

This method by popular tidying expert Marie Kondo involves “visually” dividing your socks depending on their length. If done correctly, your socks should be able to be stored upright.

  1. Arrange your pair of socks so that one is above the other.
  2. Visually divide your socks by how they’ll be folded. Cut into thirds for ankle socks, and fourths for mid-length socks.
  3. Start folding using these imaginary lines as your guide.

However you decide to fold your socks, an organized drawer still depends entirely on you. You can choose to group them by color, or by sock height. Remember that your socks are one of your most-used garments, and they also deserve to be treated right by storing them properly.

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