Leggings are soft, stretchable tight-fitting garments that are usually made of a combination of cotton and spandex fabrics, and are worn over the legs. Leggings have a long history with different purposes for both men and women.

Nowadays, leggings are considered a closet staple as they are not only comfortable but also stylish. Leggings come in different colors and patterns, but the most popular are darker ones like black and navy blue since they can be worn with or under almost anything.

Leggings vs jeggings

The jeggings, which is a combination of the words jeans and leggings, came into popularity in the late 2000s.

Jeggings are also usually made from cotton and spandex materials, with the illusion of denim jeans. There’s not a lot of difference with leggings. Jeggings are also comfy and stretchable, but since they look like denim jeans (with pockets and belt loops), they can be worn on their own.

Leggings vs skinny fit jeans

The main difference between leggings and skinny-fit jeans lies in their materials. Skinny-fit jeans are made of denim fabric, so they are rougher and less stretchable than leggings.

How to wear leggings

Before anything else, make sure that your leggings are made of thicker quality fabric that fits you perfectly. Avoid too-thin, ill-fitting leggings as you don’t want to draw too much attention down there.


For a super chill daytime “I’m-just-running-some-errands” look, you can wear black leggings with an oversized shirt and a pair of sneakers. Ankle boots also look great on a pair of leggings, along with either an oversized denim jacket or a bomber jacket over a crop top.

Tunics can be worn with leggings and thigh-high boots, too. A word of advice: longer tunics are usually better worn with longer leggings that come down to your ankle. If you wear knee-length leggings under long tunics, your legs might look shorter.


Another fun look is a fitted short skirt worn over leggings. Longer skirts can also work with leggings, but you have to factor in the style and the material of the skirt so it doesn’t look frumpy.

Depending on the fabric, you can wear leggings during the colder weather, too. Look for thermal or fleece-lined leggings, and pair them with your favorite cozy sweater and boots.

You can also wear leggings under dresses that are too short if worn on their own, or stylish see-through skirts that would be too revealing without leggings underneath.

Business casual

Leggings can be business casual depending on how you style them. Stay away from neon-colored ones and stick with dark or neutral colors. Wear a blouse long enough that it covers your backside, and a blazer on top to make it look a bit more formal. Complete your outfit with a pair of heels.

Leggings are so versatile and lightweight that it’s no wonder women own at least one pair. They also don’t require ironing, so you can just wear them straight out of the dryer. It’s definitely tempting to just keep wearing leggings because they’re so comfy and easy to wear, but leggings aren’t invincible and also require proper care so they can last longer.

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