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Sock Size Comparison

Sock size vs Shoe size Sock sizes and shoe sizes are two different things. Shoe size is based on foot length in inches, multiplied by three, minus 22 for men and minus 21 for women. Sock size is a lot less complicated because it’s only based on the foot length by inches. It’s straightforward, however, …

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How To Wash Mask

PICTURE THIS… You are just about to start your journey-filled day outside, you grab your essentials (don’t forget!) and you rush out the door in sheer excitement! You went about your day under the nice and warm sun, had an amazing dinner out with friends, but now that evening starts to roll by, it’s now …

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Why Socks Got Hole?

Sock is a primary defense for your foot. Socks go further than protect your footwear from scraping against your foot and sores from developing. They contribute to the creation of an optimal atmosphere by assisting with high moisture management. Diabetic patients must therefore use socks to aid in the detection of painful blisters on their feet. The …

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Types of Socks

There are numerous types of socks out there. People usually don’t pay attention to the socks they wear; they think of socks as an afterthought. However, socks play a very crucial role in a person’s appearance. If you pick the right kind of socks, your style will shine, and you will look fashionable. When choosing …

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